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We were all young then, single and carefree. Twenty years later, most of us are married with children. Some have upgraded from two wheels to four. But for us, the spirit of riding motorcycles will stay forever. We think we’re hooked for life.

MistriBikerz was formed in 1992 and we used to be known as ‘Gadis Mistri’ (Mysterious Lady). The founder, Noor Hasnah, got the riding bug since secondary school. At 16, she got her motorcycle license, found a bike that fit her and learned the rules of the road. After obtaining the riding license, she persuaded her sister, me, to take the license too. In a year, she was able to gather a few other women who shared the same passion for riding. The motto of MistriBikerz is ‘Only the Brave’. Touring is our main objective. Friendship is our stand.

We started our first few riding trips to Malaysia together with a group of more experienced riders. After a few years of gaining valuable insights and experience, we planned and traveled on our own. These past years, MistriBikerz have traveled all over Malaysia, Mae Hong Son and up to the Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai province which is located far north of Thailand.

Two decades ago, women riding motorcycles were rare. Back then, women were still being stereotyped but Noor Hasnah was among the first few ladies who started to reverse that trend. We’ve had to deal with negative comments from people who perceived women riding motorcycles as ‘bad girls’ and those with loose moral values. Today, more people realize that women who ride motorcycles tend to be well-educated with high-flying jobs and are independent in nature. Furthermore, for a country like Singapore, motorcycles are just more economical and convenient.

Some of us have had bad accidents before. I was hospitalized for a month following a knee infection. I lost my balance and hit the curb on the way to Mersing, Malaysia. I had difficulty walking for almost a year. Like me, almost all of the MistriBikerz members have had bad scars that remind us of our accidents. But that does not stop us from riding motorcycles again.

For many years, MistriBikerz and friends have been organizing adventure and charity riding to many countries; Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos. In some occasions, the ladies venture into unfamiliar territory, off-track, to have a unique opportunity in experiencing the beauty of riding to nowhere. By doing that, the ladies also get to witness and learn about life in different context. We come home with a new understanding of poverty and how a little act of kindness can make a great impact. It brings joy to see the smile of those innocent children and helpless adults.

In March 2015, the group of motorcyclist went to Cambodia for the launching of wells. This project has been started since the year 2012 in cooperation with Organization Community Development Cambodia. We are able to collect enough funds and donations for the building of wells for the less fortunate people who have no access to clean water. Imagine what it would be like to collect water over long distances… Despite their busy schedules, some of the ladies were able to make time to visit Malay Champa school at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, just after a month break. We are really grateful to our wonderful families and friends that have been supportive of our cause.

Thanks to generous donors and sponsors from friends and relatives, on November 2017, the group together with some friends from Malaysia and Singapore made a meaningful trip to Belitung island for motorcycle charity rides. We spent some hours at the orphanage Panti Asuhan Muhammadiyah. The children were cheerful, they perform a welcome dance when we arrived the shelter. We were touched by their warm welcome and wish we could spend more time and contribute more to these children. The next day, we all geared up and hit the roads of Belitung island. The people are so friendly, and the scenery along the way was marvelous.

We have gone through moments that were good and bad, even moments that were happy and sad. We formed a very strong bond that provides support and encouragement to each other. The adventure, trips, and gatherings are the memories that will never be forgotten. We shall always keep our riding spirits to promote a positive image of women riders and at the same time inspire others. May our friendship last forever.

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